Young Oregon Ducks Fan Wants Marcus Mariota Back

As a sports fan, we’ve all experienced that moment when one of our favorite players moves to a new team for the first time. For myself, I was six years old when Ken Griffey Jr. moved from the Seattle Mariners to the Cincinnati Reds. To cope with the stress I immediately became a Reds fan, latched onto Bret Boone like a safety preserver, and proclaimed I was going to attend the University of Cincinnati (I also did every school project I could on Cincinnati or Ohio the next five years).

With the college football season just around the corner, one young Oregon Ducks fan is starting to take the loss of Marcus Mariota at quarterback a bit hard.

When asked who he preferred as the next Oregon quarterback, the incumbent Jeff Lockie or newcomer Vernon Adams, the young fan was hit with a literal ton of emotions when realizing Marcus Mariota would no longer be under center for the upcoming season.

Why I don’t condone the cameraman brining up such a horrific reality that many Oregon fans haven’t come to grasp yet (just look at how much the athletic department is idolizing the quarterback by making him out to be a God with this large statue honoring his 2015 Heisman Trophy in this video released today), if I learned anything from Inside Out it’s that it’s important to be sad once in awhile. Whether or not that sadness being videotaped and published to the Internet for the world to see is traumatizing or not is for the therapist to decide. Meanwhile, the Tennessee Titans presumably just made a new fan.


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