Group Asks Yakima Valley Pippins To Change Their Name To Something Less Segregative

On the heels of actions recently taken by CBAG and PNWEC, the Washington Apple Diversity Awareness Council has issued a statement calling for the Yakima Valley Pippins to change their name. 

WADAC, which represents the various apple races living in Washington state, has called for the Pippins to change their name after recently coming to the conclusion that it puts unnecessary anguish on the apple community by choosing to identify and segregate a certain race, within the community, to use as their mascot.

WADAC president Rachel Delicious says the council came to the conclusion following their monthly meeting last night where they received input from their members regarding the Yakima Valley Pippins nickname.

“Unlike many other groups of people and produce, we are more open to teams utilizing apples as a mascot,” said Delicious, citing the council’s previously expressed approval of the Wenatchee AppleSox nickname. “However, when a team actively seeks to segregate a race of apple from the group for the purpose of a using it as a catchy and original nickname, we have come to the determination that is not an acceptable practice. We wish the Yakima Valley baseball club would’ve chosen the path of the Wenatchee baseball club when choosing an apple-centric nickname instead of being exclusionary toward a large percentage of the apple community.”

Given the fact that three West Coast League teams have come under fire recently for their perceived racially offensive nicknames, league president Donnie Marbut issued a statement regarding the matter shortly after WADAC’s announcement.

“We at the West Coast League are well aware of the concerns brought forth by a number of socially conscious advocacy groups in the past few days against three of our teams. Our league strives to be welcoming for individuals from any background. We are working with the teams contacted by these groups to come to amicable solutions. We are currently working out whether or not any of the nicknames addressed are actually racially offensive or if these are just some baseless claims by fringe groups that don’t hold any standing within the communities they say they represent. I mean, what’s next? Is an advocacy group for right-handed people going to ask the Port Angeles Lefties to change their name because it’s somehow discriminatory…”