Wichita Wingnuts – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Wichita Wingnuts

Alter Ego: Wichita Nut With Two Thingies Sticking Out Of It…s

League: American Association of Independent Professional Baseball (AA)

True Rivals: Amarillo Thunderheads (the team, not the Urban Dictionary definition), Oz Tornadoes

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

Where Not To Stay When Visiting From Out Of Town: Along N or S Broadway Street, Along N Grove Street, Directly west of the I-135/US 400/Kansas 15 interchange

Home Venue: Lawrence-Dumont Stadium – 6,400

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Stadium Sports Bar – 0.1 miles

Best Player Name: Shawn Talkington (much friendlier baseball player than Sean Cursington in my opinion)

Worst Player Name: Jayce Ray (you can call him Ray or you can call him Jay but you have to can’t call him Johnson)

Chances In A Nickname War: Oh no, a nut, and not the one that people are allergic too. I’m so afraid says no one more than likely in an AA Nickname Wars

Likelihood They Will Retweet This Story: Going off of past experiences with Better Know A Team so far, I’m going to go with 0.0001% chance

Interesting Fact: In order to be admitted into AA, Wichita Wingnuts had to promise to follow the 12 Steps of the American Association and be sponsored by an existing American Association member who they can contact if they ever feel the need to talk to someone about any troubles or woes.


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