Hello and welcome everyone to a brand new Spor Repor. Today is Spor Repor’s official one-year anniversary and we thought it would be the perfect time to unveil the new and updated website to you since there’s nothing else going on in the world of sports today after all…I think.

Oregon gets their first #1 seed in program history and you still can’t give a crap about the tourney. Shame you alumni…shame. 

Okay fine, I’ll admit. I forgot when March Madness started until about two weeks ago. Don’t blame me though. Blame Charter for not offering the Pac-12 Network on cable.

…that’s not an excu-

So, let’s get back to the big announcement. Over the past year, Spor Repor has been dedicated to trying serve the sports landscape across the US, no matter where a team was located or where news broke. After some soul searching last fall, we decide to change things up a bit and change our approach. Most of our competitors have the same nationally-minded approach and we thought “Has anyone ever gone regional?”

Ultimately, Spor Repor has decided to take the path less traveled on and become the first humorous sports media/news website with a regional-focus online. What region of the country, you might be asking, are we going to focus our content on?


Yes, the land of evergreen trees, too many coffee houses and people who craft their own beer in their basement like its the Prohibition Era, is Spor Repor’s new home.

For those who are unfamiliar with Cascadia, here is a quick run down. The land that makes up Cascadia is present-day Washington and Oregon states along with the province of British Columbia in Canada. Rather than a secession movement, those who call their home Cascadia see it as a name to call their community at-large and demonstrate its unique cultural characteristics that are not found in the rest of North America.

Cascadians are environmentally conscious, socially liberal and one of the least-religious individuals in the US.

Cascadians also take great pride in their community which is showcased in Major League Soccer’s Cascadia Cup; a competition between the Portland Timbers, Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Whitecaps that is arguably the fiercest rivalry in American soccer. The same intensity also holds true in any athletic competition where two teams from Cascadia are in the same league throughout history such as the Portland Trail Blazers and Seattle Supersonics (wait, Vancouver had an NBA team…oh yeah).

Spor Repor, which was born and raised here, identifies with the people of Cascadia and believes that there is no reason for it to call any other place home. I mean, have you seen how butt hurt SEC fans get about their football teams? I’m pretty sure well-worded satire down there could still cause riots in the streets.

I myself was born and raised in Washington. I went to college in Oregon. I’ve been to Vancouver numerous times, including for the Olympics, and I even have my apartment picked out in Abbotsford in case Donald Drumpf becomes president.

Since there is a lot of Spor Repor updates I need to get to and I don’t want to bore you by making you read an essay on the opening day of March Madness, here is a list of the new things to come to Spor Repor:

  • Updated website design
  • Shift from national-focused to Cascadia-focused content
  • Updated logo and wordmark
  • Broadcasting partnership with the Cascadia Soccer League
  • Some new ties
  • All-new “Scores From Around Cascadia” scoreboards live on Twitter and Instagram and compiled altogether the morning after on our website
  • Updated Spor Repor Shop
  • I lost five pounds
  • New sponsorship with Rep Your C clothing
  • Hundreds of collegiate baseball league logos added to the Logo-Pedia
  • Northwest Athletic Conference added to the Logo-Pedia
  • New International Logos section added to the Logo-Pedia that will be debuting later this spring
  • Brand new sports anime podcast called the Sports Otaku Podcast co-hosted by myself and Andrew Murray
  • Rebirth of the Spor Repor Podcas
  • Brand new podcast highlighting the past week in Cascadia sports news called This Week In Cascadia (coming in April)
  • And more…probably because I forgot to list one or two new things

While most of Spor Repor from here on out will have Cascadia-focused content, the Logo-Pedia and Team-Pedia will still service the entire US and Canada sports landscape and continue to grow from here on out.

I hope you Spor Repor’s new and exciting changes to its website. If you happen to be outside of Cascadia and do not enjoy these changes then might I offer you a few apartment and housing listings so you can come and be apart of our Cascadian family. Unless you’re a Californian…we don’t want your kind. Move to Colorado instead. They have legal weed too.