Vancouver Canucks Relieve Fin The Whale Of His Duties – Sportsverse

Vancouver Canucks General Manager Jim Benning announced today that Fin The Whale was relieved of his duties as head mascot.

The firing of Fin comes on the heels of a 69-point season for the Canucks that was largely attributed to Fin’s performance as head mascot.

“We made a very difficult decision to relieve Fin The Whale of his duties as head mascot today,” said Benning. “It’s been a challenging season and we all share responsibility for the results however, we felt this change was necessary as we continue to develop a young team and look ahead to the future. We’re grateful to Fin and his family for their dedication and hard work and wish them every success.”

Sources close to the matter state that Canucks management had grown tired of Fin’s antics and believed his lack of acquiring social media followers contributed to the team’s poor performance on the ice. 

Speaking under the condition of anonymity, one official close to the decision stated “many members of management believed Fin’s online presence had started to diminish and, if he were to have been kept on for another season, was victim to being considered lame and outdated by younger Canucks fans. Management was afraid of the team also being considered lame and outdated through association. It was a tough decision but ultimately a necessary one.”

Early candidates to fill Fin’s vacancy are Pat the Porpoise, Kirk the Kermode, Gary the Goose, Markus the Marmot, and Orland the Otter.