With the MLFB draft come and gone (yeah bros, it seriously has), the eight MLFB teams that have yet to be named but totally have because the USPTO says so have filled a 69-man (…bro) roster for the upcoming inaugural season that they promise will totally take place. I know I might sound mean bros but I’m just giving the MLFB some tough love. I’m honestly wishing Vince McMahon buys the MLFB and recreates the XFL again. A bro can only dream…

Anyways, here is the current depth chart for the Utah Stand…I mean Team Collins following the draft (free agency opens February 1st). If I made any errors I apologize bros…whoever at MLFB filled out their draft board online was a bit over their head.

Bros, fun fact, but the Utah Stand were apart of a player being drafted by two different teams not once but TWICE.

First, Utah attempted to redraft OL Chad Anderson of Northern Michigan after Team Kirksey (Ohio Union) drafted him earlier on. Did Utah successfully pickpocket Anderson from Ohio’s roster? I have no idea because MLFB hasn’t clarified.

Second, Utah was the victim of Team Miller (Northwest Empire) redrafting their OL Hamani Stevens of Oregon later on in the territorial draft. Did Utah get their offensive lineman taken away? Once again, I have no idea because MLFB hasn’t clarified. Hopefully MLFB doesn’t wait until kickoff to clarify which team these players are on. 

Utah Stand Depth Chart - Offense-01 Utah Stand Depth Chart - Defense-01 Utah Stand Depth Chart - Special Teams-01