Team Name: Toledo Walleye

Alter Ego: T-Town Walleye, Toledo Fishes

League: East Coast Hockey League (ECHL)

True Rivals: Fort Wayne Komets, ECHL conference aligners (apparently Kalamazoo, MI is east of Fort Wayne, IN), becoming apart of Michigan any day now

Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Home Venue: Huntington Center – 8,200

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Ice Restaurant and Bar – 200 feet

Best Player Names: Jared Nightingale (I think someone is secretly a Demi Lovato fan)

Worst Player Name: Scott Czarnowczan (Scott, if you want to be a czar now, all you have to do is ask though it’s not guaranteed you’ll get the job)

Chances In A Nickname War: They’re fishes who compete, not in water, but on top of frozen water. Toledo Walleye’s only shot is if their opponent can die on their own accord quicker than a fish out of water.

Interesting Fact: If you haven’t guessed already, a walleye is a type of fish. Though the name might say otherwise, the walleye does in fact have two eyes instead of the implied singular eye. The name “walleye” comes from the characteristic of the fish’s eyes pointing outward and I quote “as if looking at the walls.” The name “walleye”, as you might have guessed, was coined by a guy who has never seen another fish before in his life. Seriously, I think the eyes of most fish point outward like the walleye. I don’t understand what makes this member of the pike family so special that it gets to have the walleye name.