Leading up to the Cascadia Derby match between the Timbers and the Sounders in Portland Sunday, the Timbers Army unveiled a tifo that is being mocked across the internet for only having a 1080p resolution.

Prior to the game, the Timbers Army unveiled a massive tifo depicting the entire Oregon Trail, down to the last bush along the modern-day path, that reportedly took 5 years to complete. However, as onlookers quickly pointed out, the tifo had not been scaled to Ultra 4K HD resolution and had been instead left at the pathetic 1080p resolution.

Twitter soon thereafter quickly exploded with criticisms of the tifo; mocking the lack of formatting to the latest high definition picture resolution.

“My eyes literally won’t open again #ID,” said Twitter user @longwood503.

“BREAKING: @MLS disciplinary committee deducts 2 pts from Timbers for tifo being from 2015,” quipped Twitter user @BethlehemBen.

“Last night, the Timbers Army came up with the worst graphic in the entire history of graphics,” remarked Twitter user @Pocatello.

In response to their criticisms, the Timbers Army posted a statement online Monday morning; stating why they chose to display Sunday’s tifo. In it, the group’s leadership said the reasoning behind the 1080p resolution was a protest against television and computer display manufacturers for “pushing a false narrative that 1080p was as out-of-date in 2016 as standard Blu Ray DVDs.”

“Because you see, this derby means more than how it looks. Because you see, back in the NASL days there was no such thing as HD. Because you see, The Da Vinci wasn’t painted in 4K HD and look how that turned out,” said Timbers Army representative Richard Rollins. “Because you see, you don’t need 4K HD. Because you see, 1080p is alright with me and Timber Joey. Because you see, you should live your life fancy free. Because you see, that’s what this tifo is meant to be; a 1080p festivity of personality and artistry teaching history.”