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Spor Repor Will Be Going On Hiatus

After much consideration, I have decided to put Spor Repor on hiatus for the foreseeable future. This action was taken in order for me to deal with certain personal matters that have arisen over the past few days and weeks. I don’t take this decision lightly and have done all that I can, up until… read more »

Regarding The Future Of Spor Repor’s Podcasts

As many of you are probably aware of by now, our line of podcasts has recently gone into an indefinite hiatus. I could get into the multitude of reasons behind this decision but, suffice it to say, I was not genuinely happy with the products I was producing and lacked the proper motivation in order… read more »

Introducing Spor Repor’s New Logo Design Service

In an effort to branch out our platform and try something no other sports media outlet currently provides, we are proud to announce Spor Repor’s brand new logo design service. In laymen terms, Spor Repor is now proud to offer the same branding services that design firms and professional freelance artists provide to sports teams… read more »

State Of The Site Address: Spor Repor’s Two-Year Anniversary

Today, Spor Repor is celebrating its TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY. A year ago today, Spor Repor made the official transition to become Cascadia’s leading source of humorous sports news. We are fast approaching the one thousandth article for the website, which we will reach in early April, and our monthly readership has grown steadily.  Seeing as how… read more »

Spor Repor Puts A Salmon On It With New Alternate Logo

We’ve reached June everyone. The start of summer is upon us (projected to be 104 degrees on Sunday in our hometown) and many seasons are coming to a close. The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway and the NBA Finals are set to kick off and Mark will thankfully not have to worry about going into… read more »

Cascadia Soccer League Unveils 2016 Promo Video – Daily Repor

Ahead of their league debut this Saturday, the Cascadia Soccer League have unveiled their official 2016 promotional video. The video features each of the 16 teams that will be taking part in the league’s inaugural season. Spor Repor will be broadcasting CSL’s Game of The Week this Saturday at 7PM PST on our YouTube page… read more »

Spor Repor Salmon – Better Know A Cascadia Soccer League Team

Team Name: Spor Repor Salmon Hometown: Yakima, WA Home Venue: Marquette Stadium – 15,000 Nickname: The Salmon Supporters Group: Ha-Ha Army Derbies: The 97 Derby (Goldendale Rovers) The twelfth and easily best team to enter the Cascadia Soccer League, if I do say so myself, are the Spor Repor Salmon. Owned by yours truly due to our broadcasting deal (thanks CSL),… read more »

Spor Repor Announces Cascadia Soccer League Broadcast Schedule

We are pleased to announce Spor Repor’s broadcast schedule for the upcoming 2016 Cascadia Soccer League inaugural regular season. The CSL regular season kicks off this April 16th with all 16 teams in action. Each game will start at 1PM PST excluding the Spor Repor Game of the Week which starts at 7PM PST. The… read more »