Tacoma Rainiers – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Tacoma Rainiers
Alter Egos: Tacoma Rainier Beer, Tacoma Mountains
League: Pacific Coast League (AAA MiLB)
True Rival: Nature
Hometown: Tacoma, Washington
Where Not To Stay When Visiting From Out Of Town: Downtown Tacoma
Home Venue: Cheney Stadium – 7,429
Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Seafair Sports Bar & Grill – 0.7 miles
Best Player Name: Forrest Snow
Worst Player Name: Mark Lowe (MARK IS HIGH!)
Chances In A Nickname War: Though it is hindered by the fact that it can’t move, it is an active volcano and last time I checked, volcano eruption are pretty devastating.
Likelihood They Will Retweet This Story: 5%…10% if they realize we’re based in the Pacific Northwest.
Interesting Fact: The Rainiers were called the Tacoma Tugs during the 1979 season. They had the hindsight though that the Internet and Urban Dictionary would Rule 34 that name so they wisely changed their name after just one season.


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