Sugar Land Skeeters – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Sugar Land Skeeters
Alter Egos: Sugar Land Mosquitos
League: Atlantic League of Professional Baseball
True Rival: Immature teenagers who don’t understand skeeter is slang for mosquito
Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas – Home to, you guessed it, sucrose
Where Not To Stay When Visiting From Out Of Town: Westwood/Gulfton/Fort Bend Houston
Home Venue: Constellation Field – 7,500 (I knew the Big Dipper was packing Benjamins in that ladle)
Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Marhaba Cafe – 1.8 miles
Best Player Name: Bridger Hunt
Worst Player Name: Denny Almonte (way to ruin the Little League World Series)
Chances In A Nickname War: Since mosquitos are carriers of disease such as malaria, they have a real good shot unless their opponent has a fly swatter.
Likelihood They Will Retweet This Story: 20%…30% if Get Low is blasting in the background when the team’s intern reads the tweet.
Interesting Fact: If you aren’t a major fan of the Texas mosquito scene, Constellation Field is located a convenient 0.8 miles from the Sugar Land Regional Airport for a quick exit. Also, the Sugar Land Skeeters were the last team Roger Clemens ever pitched for back in 2012.