Navy Midshipmen (+2.5) vs San Diego State Aztecs (-2.5)

Warning: This game might be going on right now. I have no clue. I have been resisting ESPN and Twitter since 2PM earlier today so I have no clue and yeah, therefore what I’m about to say totally still holds up and stuff.

Anyways, in the lone bowl where both teams could consider it a home game which is odd, the San Diego State Aztecs play host in their literal home stadium to the Navy Midshipmen who have a massive military presence in San Diego in the other Holiday Bowl. With both teams having home-field advantage, this game will surely see Qualcomm Stadium filled up to 70% capacity I imagine which will aid both teams on the field as they have the sudden realization that the Poinsettia Bowl doesn’t matter in the grand scheme that is life.

San Diego State is very close to me because I know someone who is part of their athletic program. I won’t say who but let’s just say she ranked in the top 5 biggest…well…”c**kblocker” I’ve known (look it up on Urban Dictionary what that term means kids and my dad). Oddly enough she happens to be engaged or married or whatever, I don’t freaking care, to someone whose in the Navy so talk about a split household when it comes to this game.

Taking into consideration the ever-evolving landscape of society, I’m going to go with Navy in this one because 1) AMERICA and 2) if the villain in a romantic movie never wins then why shouldn’t that transfer over into the real world?

Pick: Navy Midshipmen (+2.5)