BYU Cougars (+1.5) vs Memphis Tigers (-1.5)

Ah, nothing says Christmas time like Miami Beach. As one of the two southern Florida bowls created this year, along with the Boca Raton Bowl, the Miami Beach Bowl serves as a test to see just how many fans we can get of 7-5 mid-major football teams to travel during the holidays just to see their team play one exhibition game. Truly groundbreaking if you ask me. Sadly there aren’t any suitable stadiums in the great state of Alaska to play a football game or else we’d have a proper Ice Bowl year in and year out.

Memphis is coming off their first conference title in decades (the American Athletic Conference felt bad for their members that they were stuck in the one league who got kicked from the major conference crowd so they went ahead and made everyone co-champs this season). BYU meanwhile is going the Notre Dame route and using their deeply religious Mormon fan base to convince everyone that they are as good as they once were (Ty Detmer aint walking in those doors anytime soon Cougars).

BYU gets the advantage in the head coaching department with one of the best first names for a head coach in the history of sports but Memphis wins when it comes to the unexpected as if there were a basketball game to break out on the football field, they’d win in a landslide. Heck, I imagine the Tigers even know how to dribble a football. In the end though, BYU when the going gets tough will be able to whip out the good book and preach the good lord and savior Jesus Christ’s name to the Memphis players like they’re going door-to-door and well no one likes that so they win. Wait…is that the Mormons…or is it just Jehovahs Witnesses that do that…

Pick: BYU Cougars (+1.5)