Stache’s Spreads: Gildan New Mexico Bowl

Utah State Aggies (-10) vs UTEP Miners (+10)

New Mexico, the state that saw New England and said to themselves they want a piece of action and rather than calling themselves New Canada, because that would be stupid, instead rubbed their name in the faces of the country their land was taken from. Thank you Treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo!

Since it’s tough to get anyone to travel to New Mexico willingly unless you trick a couple of drunk college kids that Santa Fe is actually Cancun, the Glidan…I mean Gildan New Mexico had to take teams from neighboring states as they have no excuse to forget New Mexico exists. Therefore, Utah State and UTEP drew the New Mexico Bowl as they drew the shortest straws amongst the smaller divisions as to who would be going to tropical lands like Miami and the Bahamas over less tropical places like New Mexico and Idaho.

To conclude, umm…Utah State wins. I could care less. I’m watching The Colbert Report right now. Man, this show has some potential. We at Spor Repor would love to work with that guy sometime in the future.

Pick: UTEP Miners (+10)