Stache’s Spreads: Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Air Force Falcons (+1) vs Western Michigan Broncos (-1)

I just want to point something out real quick. This will be the fourth bowl game of the season AND the FOURTH game of the bowl season with a member of the MWC playing in it. What the hell Mountain West Conference, are you afraid to play a game past Christmas. I get that pro sports leagues commonly go after dates in the calendar as they synonymous with their league. For example, the NFL has Thanksgiving, the NBA has Christmas, and MLB has every holiday from April to October because that’s how baseball rolls. What’s so special about December 20th? Honestly MWC, you need a better game plan. Western Michigan and the MAC have weekday MACtion games, why not put your flag into Mondays and dominate ESPN2 throughout the regular season opposite of Monday Night Football in the NFL.

Let me be the first to say, I apologize to the fan bases of Air Force and Western Michigan football who drew by far the worse bowl location out of all the college bowl games. I’m going to be honest, Boise is just a boring place to be and has the same amount of luster as if the game were to be played in Bismarck, North Dakota. So this will truly be a matchup with no home-field advantage as neither team’s fan base I imagine will bother to show up.

Man, this bowl bad I don’t even want to write a reasoning as to why I made a pick cause quite frankly, I’d rather watch another 2-12 team NFL bowl than this game. So hell, I’m going to say Western Michigan because their nickname is the Broncos which is the same nickname as Boise State who have no choice but to play in Boise multiple times a year. Ugh, this is just sad. I’ll admit, I was almost going to give it to Air Force based off of official team hashtags. Seriously Western Michigan, #RTB (Row The Boat). What does a boat have to do with football!

Pick: Western Michigan Broncos (-1)