Stache’s Spreads: Boca Raton Bowl


Marshall Thundering Herd (-10) vs Northern Illinois Huskies (+10)

Boca Raton, otherwise known as Miami to everyone living outside of southern Florida, plays host to the team who almost went undefeated and the team who thinks they’re this close to being invited to join a major conference when in fact they are miles from it.

Marshall, who is more proud than ever that Matthew McConaughey starred in a film regarding their football program, boasts the buzzkill quarterback who ruined Marcus Mariota’s chance at having the record for most consecutive games with a passing touchdown.

Northern Illinois meanwhile continues to play decent football as they have over the past decade at the mid-major level even though they have the most mid-major sounding college name ever. I mean no school ever known as Northern [insert state] University has done anything at the highest of high levels outside of the individual sport flukes like Northern Arizona. Heck, how many states even have a “Northern” university.? There isn’t even a Northern California University. What’s wrong with Redding, California?

I foresee Marshall handling their business against Northern Illinois because they’ll either have their quarterback killed the Huskies buzz like a major wet blanket or they’ll guilt trip them if push comes to shove. Baylor and TCU seem to be doing okay guilt tripping everyone because they are one-loss teams who didn’t get into the playoff, so why can’t Marshall do the same.

Pick: Marshall Thundering Herd (-10)