Stache’s Spreads: AFC Championship


Indianapolis Colts (+6.5) vs New England Patriots (-6.5)

Let’s face it, this game won’t be as good as those with Peyton Manning under center at Indianapolis. Every generation has those rivalries that well, you know, define a generation. With Seattle and San Francisco being the aforementioned generation rivalry of recent season (that could all change with the departure of Harbaugh), the rivalry that defined the 2000’s was Indianapolis vs New England or otherwise known as Peyton v Brady. Tommy Terrific is still under center for the Patriots with Bill Belichick at head coach but the Colts of now are not the same as the Colts of old.

Gone is Tony Dungy at head coach, Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James on the offense, Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney on the defense, and of course the better of the three Mannings under center. Now it’s Andrew Luck at quarterback, Chuck Pagano at head coach, T.Y. Hilton at WR, someone with a heart beat at RB, and who the hell knows on defense.

Quite frankly, there have only been three pieces of kryptonite for the New England Patriots in the playoffs during this dynasty run: the Baltimore Ravens at home, the New York Giants in the Super Bowl (I hope David Tyree is working at McDonalds right now to make a living), and Peyton Manning. The Giants are in the NFC and New England just beat Baltimore at home last week. Sorry Luck but maybe when Jimmy Garoppolo gets the job in a few seasons, we’ll have a resurrection of the Indy vs New England rivalry.

Pick: New England Patriots (-6.5)


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