Sports Fan Investing Life Savings Into Clothes Worn By College Athletes – Sportsverse

While the options for investing into your future are endless, one entrepreneurial sports fan has decided to invest their life savings into clothes previously worn and used by college athletes.

Gary Barnett, a lifelong Oregon Ducks fan, has taken this unique approach and sunk his entire life savings into purchasing used clothing off the backs of Duck players for the past five years.

The 50-year-old Bend native, who once attended the university for a year before transferring, believes used college athlete memorabilia is the next big gold mine in the sports memorabilia market. 

“Game worn and used clothes from college athletes are soon going to be the biggest thing in the sports memorabilia world” stated Barnett.”Gone are the days of turning your life savings into sports cards. Now, it’s all about used backpacks and warmup shorts. These kids are practically giving away the stuff they got while at college once they graduate. It’s almost as if you wave any dollar amount in front of them and they take it out of desperation.”

Barnett says he’s built a network of contacts at the University of Oregon over the years that allows him to get first dibs on gear players turning pro and graduating seniors are willing to part with for the right price.

“It’s important to establish a good report with these players while they’re young. As soon as 247Stalkers states they’re heading to Oregon, I’m already trying to slip into their DMs to tell them how much I’d be willing to pay for their team issued sweatbands four years down the road.”

While Barnett would not provide the exact amount he’s invested over the past five years into team issued Oregon Ducks gear and apparel, he did state it was over $50,000.

“There are a lot of buyers out there who want I’m able to get. In fact, a lot of my orders come from nearby Hillsboro. Regardless, you’d have to be a fool not to get in on this market while it’s still in its infancy. Sooner rather than later, player used cellphones and thermoses will be hitting the open market and only the major players will be able to get their hands on them first.”