State Of The Site Address: Spor Repor’s Two-Year Anniversary

Today, Spor Repor is celebrating its TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

A year ago today, Spor Repor made the official transition to become Cascadia’s leading source of humorous sports news. We are fast approaching the one thousandth article for the website, which we will reach in early April, and our monthly readership has grown steadily. 

Seeing as how it’s now customary to make any sort of big site-wide announcements on our anniversary date, we have a few to share with you today. Some of these site-wide announcements will be implemented effective immediately and others will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months. 

Given my track record, these changes and additions to the site will given added time and thought so they do not flame out too quickly (R.I.P. Power Rankings) and are given time to be fleshed out. Aka, if you enjoy any of the new changes to the site, they won’t be taken away from you immediately with no explanation. I’ve watched way too many anime over the past few months that made me crave a second season that was never going to come. I don’t want to put you through that feeling.

Anyways, without further ado, here’s a list of additions and changes to Spor Repor:

  • Real NewsGuys, I have a journalism degree. In an effort to expand the audience of SR, added effort will be put into providing you with REAL NEWS and not just the fake funny stuff we’re known for (if we weren’t that be depressing). The satirical news will continue to labeled using “Sportsverse” in the title (and general common sense), meaning that any news piece not equipped with that label should be treated as fact. We will be steadily increasing this effort over the coming days and weeks.
  • Increased Video Output – In an effort to expand SR’s video content, as well as deliver you news in a digestible manner, we are rolling out a new “daily” video news series entitled Morning Repor. Catch up on yesterday’s news from around Cascadia over your morning coffee with a text-based animated short video that gives you all the news you need to know in a minute or two. Note: All news days aren’t created equal so the morning after a slow news day will not receive a Morning Repor video. Here’s the first edition of Morning Repor down below. 

  • New Podcast – Spor Repor’s hottest new podcast is 7th Day Stretch. This completely original podcast gives you all the sports news from Cascadia and abroad you need to know. It’s got everything: a sweaty guy on an elliptical, a bunch of small figures with large eyes that follow you around the room, a tongue bridge…What’s a tongue bridge? It’s that thing where someone sticks their tongue to a metal pole during the winter and you put a Hot Wheel on their tongue. 
  • Logo-Pedia Overhaul – In an effort to facilitate a more fluid expansion and evolution, Spor Repor’s sports logo encyclopedia will be going over a massive overhaul in the coming months. We will be expanding the encyclopedia’s size by giving each individual team its own dedicated page; allowing us to include more logos beyond a team’s current primary logo. Graphics will also be slowly updated in order to reflect the changes to Spor Repor’s overall look and style. Major pro sports and colleges will be the first to see the new changes as they are rolled out over the coming weeks. Periodic update announcements will be posted on the site to reflect the changes. Here’s a s example of what’s in store. 
  • New Affiliate Partnerships – Spor Repor has recently entered into affiliate partnerships with a large number of teams and online stores. Those partnerships include Amazon, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Washington Huskies, Reebok, and Fanatics. Details regarding these partnerships are toward the bottom of this article.

Thanks to everyone who has helped share and support our content up until now. If it weren’t for your periodic words of encouragement and displays of support, this site might still have the same look and feel it had when it first launched. It wasn’t pretty. No one wants Spor Repor 1.0. 

Now, in a completely transparent manner, let’s talk about the site’s longevity. 

No, seriously, let’s.

To say that I was making a living off of Spor Repor would be an alternative fact. For anyone who has ever ran a website, or knows the behind-the-scenes realities of running one, you know that revenue via Google AdSense isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. 

Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say I’m only halfway toward receiving my second-ever AdSense revenue check. For those who have dealt with AdSense, you know the monetary ballpark I’m talking about.

Outside of the occasional sticker purchase from our RedBubble store, I am by no means making bank. Instead, I’m barely making piggy bank. 

Given the amount of time I’ve put into the site, along with the time necessary in order to implement the new additions and changes to the site, Spor Repor has effectively been my full-time job since graduating college. Outside of the sporadic freelance work and running an online retail shop that’s separated from Spor Repor, I don’t have any other dedicated forms of income. I’m in front of a computer ten-twelves hours a day, seven days a week. While Spor Repor doesn’t take up 100% of that time, the site and the tangential things associated with it do take up nearly 100% of my thoughts on a given day. 

Since graduating college, I’ve moved back home, to a town I have “opinions” about, and into my childhood bedroom. While the free room and board is something I do not take for granted, I do realize the everyday burden I put on my folks and the fact that I’m not taking the proper trajectory for my career as a journalist. This reality is something that I want to be temporary, not permanent. 

While in college, in fact since middle school, I’ve battled with depression. Many times I feel extremely ashamed for the feelings I have, which I cannot control, knowing that they are trivial and meaningless. They are. I just wish I knew that in the heat of the emotional flare-up. I don’t though.

In college, I had a traumatic episode of sudden depression two-thirds of the way into my third year. I sought counseling. I locked myself in my apartment throughout the duration of spring break; feeling emotionally numb a majority of the time. The only thing that kept me from doing anything more drastic than I did was laughing. Laughing at jokes. Laughing at comedies. Laughing at life itself and all of humanity’s quirks and hiccups. Laughing has always been my primary coping mechanism for my depression.

In the aftermath of this episode, the building blocks that would later be turned into Spor Repor months down the road would begin to take form. 

I wasn’t happy being the prototypical journalist. I knew I wanted a career in news and information but I didn’t want to peddle trivial garbages and mundane happenstances to viewers and readers and call it news alongside actual news and actual information you need to know. Funny enough, years of laughing at the D-Block really makes you not want to be apart of the D-Block. That might sound nihilistic (because it is) but it’s something I believed then and still, for the most part, believe now. I can’t change that with the flick of a switch. 

That’s why Spor Repor was founded. That’s why Spor Repor exists today. My journalism idols are Jon Stewart, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. A few ESPN personalities, such as Neil Everett and Scott Van Pelt, are up there as well. The way those men deliver the news is a manner that speaks to me and is a vehicle I want to use to speak with you as a journalist and a writer.

Long story short, the current financial outlook for Spor Repor is bleak. I reckon my folks, bless their heart, would let me live here for a while. However, I really want to do everything I can to not make that my future. For all my anime fans out there, I’m feeling a lot like Yuri Katsuki right about now. I’m nearly the end of the line right now, continuing to be inspired by my career idols, and just about ready for my dream to die. Over the next few weeks and months, I’m going to be praying that I find my Victor. I hope you, the Spor Repor readers and supporters, can be my Victor. 

I don’t want to put a major burden on any of you. I don’t want to start a Kickstarter or GoFundMe. I don’t want to beg for your money. 

Therefore, across the Spor Repor website effective immediately, you will find Amazon affiliate links which you could use in order to help our site. No added fees will be placed on your Amazon purchase. If you make a purchase on Amazon within 24 hours of using one of our links to access the site, Spor Repor will receive a medial commission based off of your purchases. If you simply add an item to your cart in that timeframe, Spor Repor will still receive a commission if you purchase those items within 89 days. Affiliate links reset after each purchase. Simple as that. Just use a link, like the one below, to navigate to Amazon.

Support Spor Repor Using This Amazon Affiliate Link

Spor Repor has also entered into an affiliate partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers and Washington Huskies. If you click on their banners located in the right side bar, you will be redirected to their official team store where you can support Spor Repor using the same method as Amazon.

As part of our Logo-Pedia overhaul, we will also be adding various affiliate links inside of team pages to other businesses we’ve entered into partnerships with, such as Reebok and Fanatics. Using these links to access and purchase items will, once again, go toward supporting Spor Repor at no additional cost to you. 

Thanks to everyone who managed to read all the way to the end of this address. I simply wanted to be completely transparent about the current financial situation regarding Spor Repor and its longevity. Given how the links turn out over the next few months, as well as the new and exciting additions to the site, I hope that Spor Repor can be on better footing in the future. While there is a timeframe in the distant future when Spor Repor could either shut down or significantly reduce the amount of weekly content it produces, it’s months down the road and I do not, in no way shape or form, pressure you into supporting Spor Repor monetarily prior to a theoretical deadline. 

Thanks to everyone who managed to read all the way through to the end of this address. I hope you enjoy what Spor Repor has to offer you in the present and future. Let’s make Cascadia sports great again!

– Mark Lavis

Spor Repor Founder


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