Spor Repor Set To Make Major Announcement on March 17

On the one-year anniversary of our official launch, Spor Repor is set to make a major announcement on March 17, 2016.

Without giving away too much in this post, Spor Repor will be updating and streamlining its brand and have a stronger focus on new content that will make the new Spor Repor the first of its kind on the Internet.

Spor Repor will still be a satirical/parody sports news website after the March announcement. We will still be home to the fastest-growing sports logo encyclopedia online Logo-Pedia and will introduce another member to the Pedia family in the coming weeks.

In the lead-up to this announcement, Spor Repor will be deescalating the amount of content in publishes in order for Spor Repor to have all of its ducks in a row (I went to Oregon so I can say that without it being cliche) and be fully prepared.

After the announcement, we will be back up to 100% and revive past forms of content that have had to take a back seat over the past couple of weeks and months on top of new forms of content.

We came to this decision earlier this year (no, it was not a New Years Resolution) and since then have been working behind-the-scenes in preparation for March 17th.

If you’d like any hints that direct you toward what the possible announcement might be, this article in its entirety is all you need. At least, that’d be the case if you’ve been paying attention to us at all.

Hey, I have to give something to those of you that come back time and time again. You’re totes awesome.