Spor Repor Puts A Salmon On It With New Alternate Logo

We’ve reached June everyone. The start of summer is upon us (projected to be 104 degrees on Sunday in our hometown) and many seasons are coming to a close.

The Stanley Cup playoffs are underway and the NBA Finals are set to kick off and Mark will thankfully not have to worry about going into a deep depression depending on the outcome.

The conclusion of the college sports season is coming up fast with numerous sports either finished or well into the playoffs. Meanwhile, I’m celebrating my 1st anniversary of my final academic graduation. Hopefully this will mean the nightmares I have about sleeping in by mistake and missing a test will subside.

Anyways, in an effort to promote what we in the business call “synergy” and in honor of the acclaimed Cascadia documentary series Portlandia, we thought it’d be a perfect time to unveil Spor Repor’s new secondary/alternate logo.

Spor Repor Thumbnail Logo 2.0 with Salmon-01As you can see, the new Spor Repor salmon works quite well with our existing logo and introduces black as our third color. Why black? We don’t know. We aren’t scientists that can tell you why black looks good with red and white. Also, I’ll be the first to admit, I came up with the previous salmon design currently being used by our CSL team at 3am one night without even taking into consideration designing something to look like a salmon.

Be sure to be on the lookout for our new salmon friend across various Spor Repor content platforms and sporting themed color combinations to fit certain types of content and holidays. For example, our Cascadia salmon will now be taking over feature image duties for Scores From Around Cascadia; as seen earlier today.

As with the majority of secondary/alternate logos in the sports world, don’t expect to see this guy too often. He’s cool though so he’s got that going for him or her. The Spor Repor Salmon will also keep their existing logo for the remainder of the season since new uniforms are super expensive.