Vancouver Canucks Announce They Will Play Two Preseason Games On Skull Island This Summer – Sportsverse

The NHL announced Thursday that the Vancouver Canucks will play two preseason games on Skull Island ahead of the 2017-18 regular season. The games, which will be against the Los Angeles Kings, are part of the 2017 NHL Skull Island Games presented by Landsat. 

The games will be played at two temporary stadiums that will be built for the purpose of the Skull Island Games. The Canucks will play their first game against the Kings in an area known as the Garden of Titans and the second game will be played near the base of Skull Mountain. 

The 2017 NHL Skull Island Games are a joint venture between the league, the NHL Players’ Association, the United States government, and the island’s tourism department.

The games are being spearheaded by the Skull Island tourism department in an effort to open up the island to North American tourists and shake off some negative connotations that have been attached to the island. The NHL is hoping the games will spark the expansion of the sport of hockey in southeast Asia. 

“The 2017 NHL Skull Island Games represent the formal launch of what we hope will be a long and successful collaboration between our League, our teams and our partners in accelerating the development of hockey on the island,” said NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. “We look forward to our first games on Skull Island and to a variety of initiatives that will inspire generations of its citizens and giant gor-I mean fans to enjoy our sport. We recognize the importance of helping Skull Island build a strong national hockey program and are committed to supporting that priority in every way possible.”

“We’re hoping this games will showcase the island to the world,” said Skull Island tourism chairman Zhou Xiang. “We thank the NHL for giving us this opportunity to showcase their league on our island. There’s nothing to be afraid about. This is a pleasant little island, just like Maui. Yes, we’re the southeast Asia equivalent to Maui in fact. I mean, who said we had a giant gorilla. That’s fake news.”

The Vancouver Canucks plan to offer a limited amount of all-expenses-paid travel packages for the event. Additional information will be published on each team’s website at a later date. 


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