Skagit Valley College Athletics Logo Concept

As you might have noticed, I’m into sports logos quite a bit. Hell, I managed to justify having a sports logo encyclopedia as part of this website. 

On top of categorizing logos, I’ve also dabbled in logo design as well (see Cascadia Soccer League). By no means would I consider myself someone who warrants praise for their design prowess. I’m just glad I’ve gotten to a point where what I design is now passable. Suffice it to say, I’m a decade or two away from an NFL or NBA team calling me up for a new logo.

While I haven’t dabbled into concepts logos, where you take an existing brand identity and improve upon it, Skagit Valley College recently caught my attention as a program that needs a more…”unified brand”. What do I mean by that? Well, let’s just hope the University of Louisville never catches wind of 

There’s nothing wrong with having existing brands influencing the design of your own brand. Hell, it’s the basis for logo design. Why reinvent the wheel after all? However, there is a point where “influencing” becomes “borrowing” and “borrowing” becomes “copy and pasting.” 

I’m going to give SVC the benefit of the doubt though. After all, they are tasked with coming up with brand new cardinals logo. It doesn’t help that, like every single cardinals logo practically, it’s red, yellow, black and white. You can argue that their current logo looks different enough to not be confused with Louisville’s former logo. However, stuff like this really isn’t up for debate.

Not wanting to point out a problem without having a solution, I took two hours Friday night to design a brand new unique concept logo for the Skagit Valley College athletic program.

Like I said earlier, it’s a bit difficult to come up with a brand new cardinals logo without taking some influence from other designs. So, using Louisville’s logo as the basis for the concept, I got to work making something unique.

What makes the design unique, and pertinent to Skagit Valley College, is the usage of the letters “S”,”V” and “C” in order to construct the cardinal. This makes the design discernible from the litany of cardinal logos in the sports world. 

As mentioned, I took less than two hours to make this from scratch. While by no means is it Louisville level, it is an ideal brand for SVC to unify behind instead of using the Louisville Cardinals and Arizona Cardinals logo on top of their current primary logo. 

Skagit Valley College, if you’re interest, hit me up. For everyone else, back off. 


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