Seattle Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin Will Do Anything For Charity


With it being in the middle of the holiday season, the Salvation Army is out and about with the red buckets and bells asking for donations at seemingly every single grocery store in the United States (clearly this is what Girl and Boy Scouts do when they get older and need their fix of the hustle).

One such Salvation Army donation location was extra special today in the city of Seattle with members of the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Sounders (yes, Andy Rose counts as sending someone to represent the Sounders), and SeaGals along with Mike Holmgren because he was able to dodge the net thrown by the Oakland Raiders for a celebrity bell ringing event in downtown.

Doug Baldwin Kiss Salvation Army Charity

Anyways, Doug Baldwin, wide receiver of the Seattle Seahawks, was in attendance and took a photo with everyone who asked as long as they donated to the Salvation Army. One female though wanted more from Baldwin and wanted a kiss instead from I guess the top Seattle wide receiver. Baldwin remarked that she’d have to donate $100 to get something like that in return because let’s face it, if we honestly ask ourselves this question, we all have a price with every single person we encounter.

Doug Baldwin Kiss Salvation Army Charity

To much amazement however, the lady happened to have a cool Benjamin in her pocket because apparently people still carry large amounts of cash around with them and have yet to discover what a debit card is. With recently happenings involving Seattle sports teams (google Seattle Impact) and their players (google Joseph Fauria & Russell Wilson), of course Baldwin obliged and I imagine landed one right on the lips (thanks a lot cameraman).

So, whose on the top of your NFL kiss list? Personally, Tom Brady has been on the top of mine for the decade because he’s shown me nothing that warrants him being knocked down (hey, I know the Uggs thing was bad but everyone makes mistakes).