After Russell Wilson went down with an apparent left knee injury during Sunday’s game verses San Francisco, one Seattle Seahawks fan say he’s already prepared an Eli Harold effigy to burn in case things go from bad to worse.

Shannon Melwick of Oak Harbor, a Seattle Seahawks fan and season ticket holder since 2014, says she had the Harold effigy prepared just hours after the 49ers linebacker sacked Wilson and helped cause the left knee injury.

“After Dangeruss went down, I was like ‘oh my god, that Niner about to pay if he did anything bad to my Russy’,” said Melwick. “I drove myself straight home, asked my husband where the chainsaw was, and got to work on a log out back.”

By Sunday night, Melwick had crafted 1-foot tall wooden idol that resembles Harold in his 49ers uniform. The idol, made from an excess maple log in his backyard that was initially intended as firewood, was covered with a special coating. The coating, Melwick says, “burns the dickens faster than Marshawn through the D-Line.”

“If Russy is out for next Sunday’s game against New York Jets, I’m going to set this effigy ablaze. Why should Russy and my Hawks be the only ones to suffer? Those damn 49ers who don’t even care about little kids’ soccer fields should suffer some consequences. You reap what you sew, Eli Harold. The lord Cthulhu will make sure of that.”

Shannon’s husband, Taylor, states that his husband’s actions shouldn’t be any cause for concerns. “Oh you know Shannon, he can get all riled up some times. What with all the kickball and such. He’d wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He just gets a bit too happy sometimes and can be a bit protective of the things he loves. Give it a few days and he’ll be over it. He just loves being a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan.”