Seattle Mist Sign First Man In Legends Football League History

Ahead of their home opener Saturday, the Seattle Mist have broken new ground after signing the first even male in Legends Football League history. 

With one win already under their garter belt, the Mist shored up their offense by going out and signing receiver Frank Tamagachi in free agency Thursday. Tamagachi, who played wide receiver at Puget Sound, is the first male to have been signed by a LFL team in the league’s nine-year history. 

“I go to the same beauty salon as one of the Mist players. We were chatting under the dryers earlier this week when he brought that the team might be looking for a new receiver,” said Tamagachi. “She was wondering if I’d be willing to play for the team. After going undrafted last month, I didn’t really have anything else going for my football career. So I said, why not?”

“I think if any man can play in the LFL, it’s Frank. He’s got a real bishounen physique,” stated Chelsea Peach, the veteran Mist player who recommended Tamagachi to the team. “I told him there was a steep learning curve and that his acquisition would raise a lot of eyebrows around the league. Nonetheless, he still wanted to take on the challenge.”

There are no rules in the LFL stating that men aren’t able to compete in the league. However, men are required to adhere to the strict dress code the league already has in place. This has caused many potential signings to be scrapped in the past.

According to Mist officials, Tamagachi’s body structure allows him to wear the same uniform as the rest of the players.

In order to sign Tamagachi, the Mist had to get the approval of the league’s CEO Mitch Mortaza.

“As a league, we’ve been hesitant to allow men to complete alongside our athletes in the past. We thought their appearance would be too distracting for our players on the field,” stated Mortaza. “However, as we’re in our ninth season of existence, it’s time for the league to broaden its horizons and move into the future. We welcome Tamagachi into the league and hope his presence will inspire men across the country to one day compete in the Legends Football League.” 

Tamagachi will see his first action as a member of the Mist Saturday in Kent against the Denver Dream.