Seattle Mariners Ask Puyallup High School Baseball Team To Play In Their Place

The Seattle Mariners have asked the Puyallup High School baseball team to play in place of the team’s regular starters for their upcoming home series versus the Colorado Rockies.

The Mariners, who have lost seven out of their last nine games, are starting to get desperate in order to get back to winning games again. After their fidget spinners experiment yielded zero improvements on the field, manager Scott Servais is looking at simply resting his entire team for a few days in order for them to regroup.

“I asked upper management if we could just forfeit our upcoming two home games against the Rockies in order for our guys to get a breather before the Rays series,” said Servais.  “They said forfeiting the games wasn’t an option because Wednesday is Triple Play Ticket Night.”

That’s when Servais got the idea to ask the newly crowned 4A state champs if they’d want to play in place of the regular starters for their games on Wednesday and Thursday.

“I mean they won a state title so at least one player on that team has to have some quality. That’s more than you can say with this side right about that. I figured since it’s not like we’re going to win Wednesday or Thursday that we might as well grant some wishes to these kids. We need some good PR right about now.”

When Puyallup baseball coach Mark Wiese was asked about Seattle’s proposal, he stated that his staff is currently looking it over and will get back to the Mariners shortly. “We’re looking into the class schedules for our players this Wednesday and Thursday. We don’t anyone to miss an important quiz just to play the Rockies. We place academics first at Puyallup High School.”

The Mariners,______, play two games versus Colorado on the road starting today before returning home after their eight-game road trip Wednesday.