Seahawks Trade Marshawn Lynch To Raiders For Pair Of Warriors Playoff Tickets

The Seattle Seahawks announced Wednesday that they’ve traded the rights to former running back Marshawn Lynch to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for a pair of Golden State Warriors playoff tickets.

Lynch, who retired from football in 2015, is set to be making a comeback to the NFL with Oakland, his hometown team, being the destination. In order for Lynch to play for the Raiders, Seattle needed to trade his NFL rights to Oakland. 

“Now that my team has been eliminated from the playoffs, I have no way of watching the Warriors live,” stated Seahawks owner Paul Allen. “I was hoping they’d at least push it to Game 5 but that wasn’t the case. Oakland hooked me and John up with some sweet seats in section 218 for Game 1 in their next playoff series. All we had to do was trade them our lovable Skittles addict.” 

Lynch, who flirted with coming out of retirement prior to last season, has stated he’s kept in shape since retiring from football. While it remains to be seen if he’s gotten over his debilitating Skittles addiction or not, the Raiders earlier this year worked Lynch out and believed he could contribute to the team next season.

“It sucks we had to give up some sick upper level seats to the Warriors for Lynch’s services but that’s just the price you have to pay,” stated Raiders owner Mark Lavis (seriously, it’s just one letter off, let me have this one). “Paul is a hardball negotiator. Back in 2013, we had give up four Giants tickets in exchange for Matt Flynn. They were along McCovey Cove too. Those are tough to come by for a fair price. Let’s just hope Lynch turns out to be as much of a success as Flynn was.”

Sources say Lynch will presumably sign a short-term contract with the Las Vegas Raiders in the coming days following the trade.