Scores From Around Cascadia – June 19th 2016


New England vs Vancouver 6-18-01 Portland vs Salt Lake 6-18-01

Vancouver, plagued by numerous red card suspensions, loses to New England at home.


Seattle vs Boston 6-18-01

Seattle scores two runs early but it’s not enough to hold off the Red Sox later in the game.


Fresno vs Tacoma 6-18-01

A three-run 7th inning give Fresno the eventual win over Tacoma.


Boise vs Eugene 6-18-01 Everett vs Tri-City 6-18-01 Hillsboro vs Salem-Keizer 6-18-01 Vancouver vs Spokane 6-18-01

Everett and Tri-City play the most exciting ballgame in the history of baseball while Salem-Keizer make Hillsboro say uncle before the 7th inning stretch.


Sioux Falls vs Spokane 6-18-01 Tri-Cities vs Billings 6-18-01

In a potential preview of the IFL Championship Game, the Empire lose their regular season home finale to the Sioux Falls Storm. Also, Tri-Cities did something too.


Bellingham vs Walla Walla 6-18-01 Bend vs Yakima 6-18-01 Cowlitz vs Victoria 6-18-01 Kelowna vs Gresham 6-18-01 Kitsap vs Corvallis 6-18-01

Victoria’s winning streak reaches the 10-game mark while nearby Bellingham extend their respective winning streak to 6 games.


Seattle vs Portland 6-18-01 Vancouver vs San Francisco 6-18-01

In the MLU regular season finale, Vancouver end up in last place while Seattle and Portland preview next week’s Western Conference Championship in Portland.


Vancouver vs Los Angeles 6-18-01

Vancouver suffer a major loss on the road against Los Angeles after defeating the league-leading Flamethrowers and their Cascadia rivals Seattle in back-to-back weeks.


Burnaby vs Coquitlam 6-18-01 Langley vs Nanaimo 6-18-01

Nanaimo defeat Langley in a battle at the bottom of the standings while Coquitlam inch closer to the top with a win against Burnaby.


Bellingham vs Spokane 6-18-01 Seattle vs Wenatchee 6-18-01 South Sound vs Olympic 6-18-01 Yakima vs Vancouver 6-18-01

The Seattle Stars get their first win of the season after traveling on the road to the former Apple Capital of the World.


Fuerza vs Spokane 6-18-01 South Sound vs Olympic 6-18-01 Yakima vs Twin City 6-18-01

Blah blah blah…Spokane and South Sound continue to separate themselves from the rest of the league…blah blah blah blah blah.


Sacramento vs Spartans 6-18-01

Spartans FC lost but who cares…