Ryan Miller Signs Minor League Contract With Seattle Mariners – Sportsverse

Following his performance in goal for the Vancouver Canucks Thursday night against the Detroit Red Wings, goalie Ryan Miller has signed a minor league contract with the Seattle Mariners.

Thanks to the recent success of dual sport athlete Tim Tebow signing with the New York Mets, the Mariners saw immediate potential in Miller as a diamond in the rough.

“We aren’t worried that Miller is a professional goalie in the NHL,” said Mariners director of player development Andy McKay. “Quite frankly, we don’t even know if Miller has ever played baseball in his entire life. That doesn’t quite matter though in this day and age. It’s all about discovering raw and untapped talent. That’s what Miller displayed yesterday in Detroit.”

When asked what plans they have for Miller, McKay stated “the sky is the limit for Miller. I could see him as a shortstop. He might even shape up to be a centerfielder given time. Hell, he might even have an arm on him. We need help in the bullpen.”

“To say this caught me off-guard would be an understatement,” said Miller. “I’m still making a healthy amount of money with the Canucks. I still loving being a goalie. But, as the kids say, you only live once. It might be a significant pay decrease but hey, how many people can say they were a pro baseball and a pro hockey player. Not many.”

Canucks head coach Willie Desjardins stated Miller’s contract with the Mariners does not put his status with Vancouver into jeopardy. “With our season not directly aligning. we’re confident Miller will remain a Canuck for the remainder of the NHL season. If Bo can do it then so can Ryan.”

The Mariners organization plan on starting Miller off with their short-season single A affiliate Everett Aquasox for the start of their 2017 season in June.