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On NBA’s Opening Day of the regular season, Seattle Sonics guard Russell Westbrook took in the festivities from his newly-constructed red room.

Westbrook, who will open his regular season on the road versus the 76ers, stated on social media Tuesday night that it was very important for him to watch the opening day of the NBA regular season. Westbrook emphasized the Golden State Warriors’s home game versus the San Antonio Spurs over all other¬†games, stating on social media,”All eyes on Oracle tonights folks. Going to be watching from my red room with the particular intensity you expect from me on the court #ChallengedAccepted.”

“I felt like it was the perfect location to watch the game,” said Westbrook when asked questions by reporters Wednesday morning. “The chairs in there might not be that comfortable but that’s sort of the point, you know.”

For the record, Spor Repor does not know. We only skimmed the book for one day before we gave it as a gag gift. 

Westbrook’s longtime Sonics teammate Kevin Durant signed for the Golden State Warriors this past offseason during free agency which has led many people to speculate a potential rift between the two. However, as he has done all offseason, Westbrook stated there is no ill feelings between the two former teammates.

“He’s signed a different contract. His contract ran up and he signed a different one with someone else. There’s nothing to be mad about. I respect the contract. I respect people who honor contracts. Kevin [Durant] is just going to honor his new contract with Golden State from now on.”

When asked if he will continue to watch Warriors games this season from his red room whenever he has the chance, Russell Westbrook stated, “It’s in the contract I signed with myself. Until I run out of popsicles, I’ll be watching Warriors games from the red room.”


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