Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been banned from a Tukwila arcade after witnesses state he was bullying multiple kids who were playing a football-throwing arcade game.

Employees at the Captain Caveman Family Fun Center state that Sherman began harassing a group of young kids who were playing a football arcade game late Sunday night. The game instructs the player to throw miniature-sized footballs threw various rings in order to score points. Sherman reportedly stood next to the game and proceeded to intercept the balls as they were thrown by the kids. 

Sherman was removed from the arcade after harassing the kids, who were apart of an 8-year-old’s birthday party, after fifteen minutes of harassment and consistent requests to stop. 

An employee who was working at the arcade last night told reporters that Sherman was emphatically stating “You mad bro” after every interception and, while being escorted out of the building, stated he was simply keeping himself sharp and active before the start of summer workouts.

“You don’t want me to be rusty, don’t you” said Sherman according to the employee. “I got to keep myself sharp. I need to keep my senses up. Where else am I supposed to do that? Those kids looked like they wanted a challenge. They told me they wanted me to play with them. Ask them yourself. I’m innocent I tell you. Innocent.”

“He first seemed to be having fun with the kids,” says a mother who was with her son at the arcade. “Over the course of a few minutes however, his eyes slowly started turning red. He started calling the kids ‘Crabtrees’. His voiced escalated. Timmy started crying and Richard simply shouted ‘L.O.B.’ in his face. It was quite an unsettling sight to see.”

Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks declined to comment. Management for the Captain Caveman Family Fun Center have stated that Sherman has been banned from their premises.