Regarding The Future Of Spor Repor’s Podcasts

As many of you are probably aware of by now, our line of podcasts has recently gone into an indefinite hiatus. I could get into the multitude of reasons behind this decision but, suffice it to say, I was not genuinely happy with the products I was producing and lacked the proper motivation in order to deliver them in a timely and scheduled manner. In turn, this has caused our podcasts to be published in a very sporadic manner which we believe, you as the consumer, should not suffer through. Ergo, a more pronounced hiatus was warranted across the board.

This does not mean that any of our pre-existing podcast series at this point (Sports Otaku Podcast, Sofa Supporters Group, 7th Day Stretch) have been outright cancelled.

Within the coming days, Spor Repor will be putting its Soundcloud/iTunes etc. accounts on ice.

What this means is our library has the potential to be drastically shrunk on these platforms due to us canceling our Soundcloud Pro account. This does not mean that our Soundcloud and other accounts will be deleted but rather have a far smaller catalog of podcasts given the file size limitations. 

All of our past podcasts will remain on our YouTube account as is. 

We also plan to, once we begin releasing podcasts again, to publish them solely on YouTube until demand warrants them to be placed on other platforms.

SOP and SSG are, at this time, planned to be brought back in the future under their current names with slight format adjustments.

If and when SOP and SSG are brought back, it will be after we’ve compiled a healthy catalog of shows so that, for the first few weeks or months, you can rest assured they will be released in a properly scheduled manner. Given the lack of time sensitive material for these podcasts, this should have no adverse effect on your viewing experience. 

7DS on the other hand will not be returning for the foreseeable future and, if it is, will have a new name and new format. I’ve come to the realization that I simply cannot handle an elongated sports talk podcast by myself without someone to consistently bounce ideas and thoughts off of while recording. If it does come back with myself as the lone commentator then it will be most likely shorter in length and only revolve around one topic or story per episode.

We apologize for not publishing this news sooner given how long the hiatus has been up until today. We hope that once the podcasts are brought back into the Spor Repor family, they will for once and for all last and thrive longer than a Cleveland Browns quarterback. 


Mark Lavis