Signing Of Entire Puyallup HS Baseball Team Turning Out Greater Than Expected For Mariners

Just over a week ago, we brought you the news that the Seattle Mariners, in an effort to reenergize their lineup, signed the entire Puyallup HS baseball team to short-term contracts.

Now, with seven games under their belt, the long-shot experiment has provided dividends far greater than expected.

Since acquiring the Puyallup HS baseball team, the Mariners have won six out their last seven games and now find themselves at .500 sixty games into the regular season. 

“To be honest, we kind of signed the team halfheartedly,” stated Mariners manager Scott Servais. “I mean, it was a tossup between them and Gig Harbor. Since it was cheaper to carpool Puyallup’s players to Safeco than Gig Harbor’s team, we ended up going with them. I’m sure glad we did.”

With a strong majority of Seattle’s regular starters out of the lineup since Puyallup’s arrival, the team has swept the Tampa Bay Rays at home, split a two-game series with Colorado, and look to go for the sweep against Minnesota later tonight.

Servais says other organizations have already reached out to the club to engage in trade talks involving their newly signed players.

“We’ve had numerous clubs reach out to us asking if we plan on resigning these players to a long-term contract and, if so, they’d be up for trade discussion,” said Servais. 

According to Servais, the club signed each player from Puyallup HS to a fourteen-day contracts to coincide with the beginning of summer break. The Mariners have until the final day of that contract to negotiate an extension with these players that could go until the end of the season.

“Everything is up in the air. We really didn’t expect this outcome. We kind of don’t have a set plan to keep both these new players and our primary starters. We’re currently discussing the matter with upper management to see if they’d be willing to at least stash these players in Tacoma or San Antonio in the interim. Our regular starters are itching to get back into the lineup now and, given their salaries, it’s tough not to play them.”

Contracts for the Puyallup HS baseball team players expire June 13th following Seattle’s away game versus Minnesota.