Providence Park Expansion Plans Revealed

Preliminary expansion plans for Providence Park, home of the Portland Timbers, have been released.

The plans, submitted to the city of Portland, are apart of a notice for a pre-application conference set for April 4th.

The notice is accompanied by a site plan and an elevation for the proposed Providence Park expansion. Although they lack major detail, a lot can be seen in the plans which you can view here.

The plans call for an expansion of the east stands which were built less than a decade ago. The plans call for the roof canopy to be extended south the length of two seating sections as well as being extended east until it meets with the sidewalk along SW 18th Avenue. 

Rather than being somewhat parallel with the roof of the historic stadium, the new roof canopy over the east stands will be greatly higher than its predecessor. According to the blurry document, the top of the roof will be just over 100ft above street level. The top of the roof for the historic part of the stadium that wraps around the north and west ends is 50ft above street level. 

The plans also call for creating a new expansion that will connect the existing historic roof and the new roof in the northeast corner of the stadium. The plans also call for a similar expansion in the southeast corner of the stadium that will extend over part of the current Providence Sports Care Center building. 

While the exact seating arrangement for these new expansions was not revealed in these plans, the new roof canopy will have four new levels of walkways underneath it. This most likely means that some, if not most of the levels, will serve new luxury boxes and suites. One can also conclude from this that the current KeyBank Club that occupies the east stand will be removed and replaced by standard seating. 

Plan for more details regarding the proposed expansion to come out of the pre-application conference on April 4th.