Pro Bowl Watcher Could’ve Sworn That’s Not What A Real Game Of Football Looks Like – Sportsverse

A sports fan who tuned into watch last night’s Pro Bowl game could’ve sworn that’s not what an actual game of football is supposed to look like.

Sarah Sheffield of Federal Way was watching last night’s Pro Bowl game on ESPN when she came to the conclusion, by the end of the game, that what she had just watched was not a pro football game.

Sheffield, who considers herself a moderate fan of football, could’ve sworn that pro football players exuded things such as “effort” and “sweat” while playing a game of football like their college, high school and peewee counterparts. Considering the fact that the Pro Bowl was billed as the greatest players from this past NFL season squaring off with one another, she expected the game to be one of the best games this season but came away disappointed.

“Since these were all the best players in the NFL, I thought I was going to see one of the best football games this season last night,” said Sheffield. “But when I saw how the defenders tackled runners and how little effort the lineman gave to block the rush, it kind of made me wonder where all the flag belts were.”

“I’m all for avoiding giving players concussions but when a quarterback passes the ball over the middle, I kind of thought safeties were supposed to tackle the receiver as he received the catch instead of waiting for him to gather the ball and his footing. I guess not.”

When asked if she’ll tune into next year’s Pro Bowl, Sheffield jokingly said “will there even be a Pro Bowl next year? After you watch this game once, what’s the point of watching it again. This was my first time watching the game since I heard Doug Baldwin was playing in it for the first time. Sorry Doug but I won’t be tuning in for anymore.”