During what had the makings of a standard divisional affair, the Portland Winterhawks mascot Tom-A-Hawk caused quite a fuss Wednesday night after defecating on Tri-City’s goalie during the game.

Tom-A-Hawk, who was perched in the rafters of Veterans Memorial Coliseum, let one loose midway through the 2nd period onto Tri-City’s goalie Rylan Parenteau. The dropping, reportedly weighing close to two pounds, avoided hitting Parenteau directed in the head and landed off the side of his left shoulder. 

According to reports from those close to the Winterhawks organization, the actions of Tom-A-Hawk were planned as part of a in-game promotional event that was conceived at the team’s office Christmas party last week. Sources say management didn’t think Tom-A-Hawk, the six foot tall half-man half-hawk, was actually being serious on account of him being inebriated thanks to drinking “nearly a dozen Jagnogs” at the party. 

The Winterhawks organization has since suspended Tom-A-Hawk indefinitely.

“The action taken by Tom-A-Hawk during last night’s game versus Tri-City were that of a rogue mascot and not endorsed by the Winterhawks organization,” said Winterhawks president Doug Piper in a statement to the press Thursday morning. “After all, if Tom-A-Hawk’s actions were endorsed by the Winterhawks organization, he would’ve hit Parenteau in the head. We run an outstanding hockey organization. We stride not to make careless mistakes such as almost missing the target.”

Following Wednesday night’s game, Tom-A-Hawk reached out via Twitter to apologize for his actions during the game. 

“Keeeeearrr. Keeear. Keeeeeeeaaaaaaarrrrrr. Kear. Keeeeaaaarrrrr. Keeaarrrrrrr. Keeaaaaaarr,” stated Tom-A-Hawk. 

The WHL plans to investigate the incident to see if any further punishment needs to be taken against Tom-A-Hawk or the Portland Winterhawks organization. 

After the game, Parenteau believes Tom-A-Hawk is remorseful for his actions but believes he deserves some sort of punishment. When asked by a reporter what that punishment might be, Parenteau replied in a jovial manner “I reckon there is a Chipotle around here, eh. I think you know where I’m going with this.”