Portland Trail Blazers Fan Threatens Lawsuit After Blaze Doesn’t Throw Him A Shirt – Sportsverse

A Portland Trail Blazers fan has threatened a lawsuit against the organization after the team mascot Blaze did not throw him a t-shirt during Thursday night’s game against Philadelphia. 

Carter Thage of Oregon City, who considers himself a lifelong Trail Blazers fan, believes he was purposefully discriminated against by Blaze during the second quarter of last night’s game while the mascot was throwing t-shirts into the stands during a timeout. Thage argues that because of his age (43) he was not targeted by Blaze who instead opted to throw the t-shirt to a young child in Thage’s vicinity. 

“I believe this is a textbook example of age discrimination,” stated Thage. “I was the first person in my section to stand up. I was by far the loudest person in my section. And yet, Blaze threw the shirt to a kid four seats away from me. The kid wasn’t even giving it his all. He was only standing because of peer pressure. The shirt won’t even fit him. It’s an XL. What does a kid need with an adult XL shirt. Why wasn’t the shirt thrown to someone, like myself, who wears XL shirts. Blaze clearly taunted me when he threw it to that kid. He knows what he was doing.”

As compensation for the distress he was caused at the hands of Blaze, Thage is requesting a public apology from the mascot and a free XL t-shirt. Thage is also consulting with numerous attorneys in the Portland area to see if he has a case to seek further damages from the team. 

“The Blazers and Blaze need to learn that all fans are created equal. A 43-year-old fan like myself should be given the same level of attention in the stands as a 10-year-old fan. Favoritism should not be granted based on age. It should be based on where you’re sitting. That’s why those cheapskates in the 300s aren’t given free stuff. That’s the way it should be.”

A spokesman for the Trail Blazers organization declined to comment on this story. 


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