Why Do People Hate Ketchup On Hot Dogs?

Seriously…why do people hate putting ketchup on hot dogs?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always paired ketchup with my meat of choice at a sporting event. When I was little tyke, I reckon my folks started me off  with ketchup because it’s much more readily available and has less of an impact on your taste buds than mustard. 

I don’t get why people vehemently hate associating ketchup with a hot dog? I can understand opting not to put it on your hot dog. The amount of times I currently opt just to put mustard on my hot dog outnumbers the amount of times I opt for ketchup. Ketchup by no means is a perfect condiment. It is flawed in many way. 

Won’t I don’t get is how certain parts of this country, in particular Chicago and New York City, attribute putting ketchup on hot dogs like putting the image of Muhammad on a hot dog. Processed meat is not sacrilege people. There’s nothing wrong with putting a tomato-based product on a meat-based product. The United States hasn’t declared the hot dog this country’s national food. It doesn’t garner the same respect as the American flag. It shouldn’t. It’s food.

Ketchup gets a bad rap from so-called food connoisseurs. It’s the milk of the condiment aisle. Ketchup is widely known as the most popular condiment in the United States and there is no getting around that fact.  To play ignorant toward that obvious fact is a disgrace to people who think putting ketchup on a hot dog is something you can enjoy past the age of twelve. You don’t have to actively participate in their lifestyle choice. That doesn’t mean you can actively discriminate against anyone who utters the dreaded “K” word in your presence. That’s prejudice…I think I used that word right

To all of those who find themselves in the ketchup-hating bandwagon, I have just one thing to say to you. Why? Why do you have the vehement hatred toward this tomato-based condiment? Why do you actively harass and belittle who choose the ketchup lifestyle? Why?

I want you to look deep down inside yourself and I want you to find the true answer.

I want you to find your own personal answer and I want you to tackle it head on.

I want you to confront your condiment bigotry…I think I used that word right…and I want you to open your heart to those standing next to you at the condiment stand and say to them “I accept you.”

I want you to then move over to the ketchup dispenser with your hot dogs in hand, pump a load of ketchup onto one of them, and take a bite. A bite for equality. A bite for your common man. A bite for the United States of America!