In what is easily the most anticipated day of the NFL calendar, Team Irvin and Team Rice are set to draft their teams tonight for the 2016 Pro Bowl. There is pandemonium in the streets for this once-a-year event that has the NFL’s best players drafted into two teams for a head-to-head matchup in Hawaii on Sunday.

The best quarterbacks in the game today such as Derek Carr, Tyrod Taylor, and Teddy Bridgewater will have a chance to helm these overpowered offenses led by running backs Devonta Freeman and Latavius Murray as well as wide receiver Allen Robinson.

“This is truly the greatest day of the year in the world of football,” said head coach Michael Irvin on the eve of tonight’s draft. “The Pro Bowl pasted the Super Bowl over a decade ago as the pinnacle of the NFL season and there is no stopping this train.”

The offenses will not be in full display however as defense has become the primary attraction for the Pro Bowl over the past few years. Expect a low-scoring and hard-hitting game with the likes of a 36-year old Julius Peppers, 39-year old Charles Woodson and former pro wrestler Adam Jones patrolling the field.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if this game ends 10-7,” says head coach Jerry Rice.”These guys are going to come out and give it their all to try an get to the quarterback. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a half dozen picks and a half dozen sacks in the game.”

For those who are not losing their mind at the prospect of the Pro Bowl draft later today and are capable of handling a remote, you can tune over to ESPN 2 at 7:30PM EST to watch the draft live.