Logo-Pedia: An Introduction Of Sports Logos

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines logo, a derivative of the word logotype, as a symbol that is used to identify a company and that appears on its products. In the world of sports…that definition of course still holds up. I don’t know why you’d think it’d mean something different. Sports teams are in fact businesses and not a hobby you pour millions of dollars into for the fun of it all while not expecting any sort of return on investment (unless of course you’re the owner of the Mets).

Sports logos do however mean something extra than logos found in any other industry. You feel a connection and bond you don’t otherwise have toward, for example, your local credit union’s logo. Sports logos are an amazing thing that seems to be this perfect blend of quality artistic design and brand identity. No one in their right mind would ever purchase a hat with just the Wendy’s logo on it and yet when it comes to sports team logos, New Era has the exact same logo in a dozen different color combinations for thirty bucks a pop.

Sports logos are arguably one of the most well-received mainstream types of art in our society. Fine art is left to rich snobs or people who did a semester abroad in Paris and won’t shut up about how many times they went to the Louvre. Anime and manga is left to the Japanese and those who watched Sailer Moon or Pokemon growing up and proudly live the otaku lifestyle. American cartoons and comic books are left to kids and adults who realize being a kid is way more fun then being an adult. Anything sold on Etsy are for people who I just don’t get. Seriously, what is the big appeal with mason jars?

Due to their wide appeal, the range of sports logos is vast across the sports team spectrum (except for one area #foreshadow). You’ve got your college your hometown college logos. You’ve got your pro sports team logos that are the staples of the field and by far the most well-known. You’ve got your minor league sports team logos where it seems like any sort of insane idea is possible. You’ve got your…well, like I said, I don’t ruin want to spoil it.

So embark has you set sail to peruse Spor Repor’s Logo-Pedia: an expansive library of sports logos from hundreds and eventually thousands of team logos, both current and defunct, across the sports world. Spor Repor will be updating the Logo-Pedia heavily over the summer, and more than likely into the fall, as we work on our large backlog of thousands of sports team logos currently our inventory and yet to be in our inventory. Therefore, be sure to come back often to discover more. You might just find a few new favorites.

Note: The Logo-Pedia is currently going through a months-long transition period to update our graphics. Because of this, updates on an individual basis will be happening less frequently. Updates will be published when they are finished; hence why certain leagues look different than others.