Oregon State Womens Basketball Team Narrowly Beat Elderly Woman To Nearby Taxi – Sportsverse

Saturday morning, members of the Oregon State womens basketball team narrowly beat an elderly woman in a race to nearby taxi cab.

The players, who were on their way to a morning practice session, outran the 75-year-old woman by the slimmest of margins to a taxi cab parked near the team’s Corvallis hotel after missing the team shuttle. Reportedly there were five members of the Beavers basketball team, in total, as part of the group.

“It was a lot closer than anyone could’ve expected,” stated a passerby who witnessed the momentary dash to the taxi. “You’d think given their size and stature that they’d easily outpace that woman and easily beat her to the cab. However, that woman had some moxie which caught those ladies off-guard. The girl out in front of the group beat the old woman to the cab by just a foot I reckon. Did not think I’d see something like that on my morning walk.”

According to the cab driver, the players were in a rush to make it to practice on-time after accidentally sleeping in a bit too late. “They were flustered, I’ll tell you that much,” said the cab driver. “They looked completely out of it. They almost lost to an old lady with a walking cane in a foot race. That tells you how out of it they were this morning. I hope they find their rhythm again soon.”

When asked about the cab incident during the morning shootaround, Oregon State womens basketball head coach Scott Rueck stated that he believed his girls were going to get to practice on-time and that credit should be given to the elderly woman for putting up a valiant effort. “No one expected a person like could take members of how team in a sprint. She deserves a heck of a lot of credit. She caught our team off-guard. I can tell you that we won’t be caught off-guard like that once again.”