Oregon Ducks Fan Already Writing Suicide Note In Case Alabama Hire Chip Kelly As OC – Sportsverse

Following the sudden departure of offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian to the NFL, the Alabama Crimson Tide are in the market for a new offensive coordinator. With recently fired and former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly still without a job, one Oregon Ducks fan has taken the emotionally irrational step to write a suicide note in case he’s hired by Alabama. 

The fan, who shall remain anonymous for privacy concerns, shared an image of the newly written note on their Facebook profile early Wednesday morning. In the note, the fan stated they don’t know what they might do in case Chip Kelly ends up being hired by Alabama so they’re taking the preemptive step to write their own suicide note just in case.

“To those who know me best, you know that what I’m about to say I don’t take lightly,” stated the note. “I’ve been through a lot with this team recently. First the second coming of Christ, Mark Helfrich, turned out to be nothing more than a false preacher. Then one of our newest head coaches was caught torturing our players to near death. If Chip Kelly ends up being hired by Alabama as offensive coordinator, I might end it all. Go anywhere but Alabama, Chip. I just don’t know at this rate. I’m writing this note in case I do go down that path.”

According to the fan’s profile, they are a six-year season ticket holder for the Oregon Ducks football team. Among their collection, which they highlight on their profile, are multiple pieces of memorabilia associated with Kelly while he was at Oregon. Some of those items include a former office chair, a bookcase that was located inside of his office, an autographed visor, and a hot tub. 

Since the note’s publication, the fan has set their Facebook profile to private.