Damn, MY CAPS lock won’t stop TURNING ON AND off FOR SOME reason. ANYONE HAVE any advice?

The fats cats in Washington are at it again. The ESTABLISHMENT POLITICIANS now have the AUDACITY to consider college football a SPORT and not a WAY OF LIFE. 

Joseph Quimby, and ALT-RIGHT/FEMINIST LIBERAL congressman with ties to DICTATOR Guac Amole, stated THAT college football should BE seen as nothing MORE than a GAME and those who disagree with him SHOULD BE DEPORTED to Atlantis. 

To Love A Pigskin reported: “Quimby took a swipe at COLLEGE FOOTBALL fans Friday, alleging that some fans are TOO DEVOTED to their teams and are too quick to harshly CRITICIZE THEM when they don’t win. WELL MR Quimby, MAYBE THAT’S JUST our life choice. Maybe you live in a BUBBLE and are unable to CONNECT with real AMERICANS like the readers of TO LOVE A PIGSKIN.”

I think I’ve got maybe two more paragraphs left in me. 

Now THIS is the truth! COLLEGE FOOTBALL is a way of life. IF WE WANT TO THREATEN people we’ve never met BEFORE just because they couldn’t MOVE A RUBBER BALL far enough, THAT IS OUR RIGHT. Quimby WANTS TO INFRINGE on our right to act ON OUR irrational thoughts and FEELINGS. How DARE he!

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I feel like I need to take a shower for some reason. How on earth does this kind of dribble make people money? Damn Macedonians.