With the MLFB draft come and gone (yeah bros, it seriously has), the eight MLFB teams that have yet to be named but totally have because the USPTO says so have filled a 69-man (…bro) roster for the upcoming inaugural season that they promise will totally take place. I know I might sound mean bros but I’m just giving the MLFB some tough love. I’m honestly wishing Vince McMahon buys the MLFB and recreates the XFL again. A bro can only dream…

Anyways, here is the current depth chart for the Ohio Union…I mean Team Kirksey following the draft (free agency opens February 1st). If I made any errors I apologize bros…whoever at MLFB filled out their draft board online was a bit over their head.

Bros, fun fact, some of Ohio’s selections have controversy (as in I’m giving controversy to them like a good journalist) attached to them.

First, Ohio’s OL Chad Anderson might have been redrafted by Team Collins (Utah Stand) later on in the MLFB Draft. Which team will Anderson call home this upcoming spring? I have no idea because MLFB has yet to clarify. Sorry Chad.

Second, Ohio’s WR Tommy Frevert might look legitimate on paper (and since MLFB is a legitimate sports league) but don’t let your eyes fool you. For starters, there is no Southwest Maryland State. Next, the lone football players on the entire Internet named Tommy Frevert is not a wide receiver…but a kicker. Either he’s attempting a career change or someone was seriously not paying attention to him at practice. Frevert’s actual college was Northwest Missouri State…which is in no way similar to Southwest Maryland State. You’d have to take a serious sneeze to commit that typo.

So, either we’re dealing with an imposter or whoever was the person on the Ohio Union staff who suggested drafting Frevert clearly never looked at his tape and was just winging it. Either that of MLFB has committed one humongous typo and has yet to fix it. 

Ohio Union Depth Chart - Offense-01 Ohio Union Depth Chart - Defense-01 Ohio Union Depth Chart - Special Teams-01