Our Official Realignment Proposal To The OSAA

For those who don’t know, OSAA stands for Oregon School Activites Association. In laymens terms, it’s the governing body that manages high school athletics in Oregon.

Over the past decade or so, the OSAA has had a bit of an issue regarding proper alignment and classification of athletic programs. Due to Oregon’s unique geographic and population hurdles, the classification and alignment for schools has been in constant flux.

Two years ago, I decided to realign the entire OSAA into a new classification format. Trust me, I’ve done some extensive projects in the past that, in essence, are completely for my kicks and serve no merit. Just ask me about the New American Soccer Pyramid sometime and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

Anyways, the OSAA has recently opened up discussion regarding the 2018-2022 classification/alignment cycle. In order for me to feel like I didn’t waste my time on nothing, on behalf of Spor Repor I have submitted a proposal to OSAA regarding my thoughts on the matter. The exact proposal can be viewed own below.

Long story short, I’ve suggested shrinking from six classifications to four and put a major focus on regionalized conference at each classification level. Fingers crossed everyone.