Norfolk Admirals – Better Know A Team

Team Name: Norfolk Admirals

Alter Ego: Norfolk Navy People

League: East Coast Hockey League (ECHL)

True Rivals: Village People impersonators, Army, Conference Realignment 

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Where Not To Stay When Visiting From Out Of Town: Along Little Creek Road, Along State Route 168

Home Venue: Norfolk Scope – 8,701

Nearest Bar To Pre-Game At: Baxter’s Sports Lounge – 0.1 miles

Best Player Name: Austin Block (pretty sure he was born to be a goalie instead of a forward)

Worst Player Name: Graeme Craig (listen Graeme, when you’re born with a first name as a last name, it’s your obligations to have two obvious-sounding first names and not a first name that sounds like a last name but thanks to golfer Graeme McDowell we know it is a first name too)

Chances In A Nickname War: I don’t think many people would want to face a US Navy admiral in a war. We kind of take pride in knowing we basically have conquered the world’s oceans.

Likelihood They Will Retweet This Story: I come from an Air Force family (my grandfather flew B-52s for the Royal Air Force right after World War 2) so 5% since we all know air > water.

Interesting Fact: The Norfolk Admirals took part in a wacky minor league version of college realignment where 5 teams from the AHL (Norfolk being one of them) moved to the West Coast and took up three ECHL team spots (on top of two entirely new destinations) with those three teams being essentially traded back to three of formerly AHL cities (Norfolk, Manchester, Glen Falls). Norfolk will be the lone example out of all of the shifting that will not see a change in name or even change in color. Oklahoma City was one of the two cities (the other being Worcester) who was left out in the cold following this team shuffling which made me jump for joy.


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