Over the past few days on social media, one Vancouver Canucks fan has vigorously sought out recently acquired winger Nikolay Goldobin to ask if he would be the godparent for his newborn son.

Ike Harrington of Port Moody has been contacting Goldobin across various social media platforms since the winger was acquired in a trade on Tuesday.

While Goldobin has yet to respond to Harrington’s request, Canucks fans have been showing their support for Harrington to an increasing degree since he started messaging Goldobin early Wednesday morning. As of Friday morning, there is now a concerted effort amongst Canucks fans online to get Goldobin to respond to Harrington’s request. 

“I got nowhere with my first tweet to what I believe is Goldobin’s official account,” stated Harrington, whose newborn son Pat was born last Saturday. “I thought, all the other Canucks players must already be taken by fans. I figure since Goldobin was just acquired by the team then that means he isn’t the godparent for the child of any Canucks fan yet. He seems like a stand-up guy, eh. So that’s where I’m at.”

Along with reaching out through Twitter, Harrington has also sought to contact Goldobin via his profiles Facebook, VK, Moi Mir, and Grindr. Harrington has also tried to contact Goldobin through the Canucks organization but, in an e-mail response, was denied access to Nikolay Goldobin’s personal contact information.

“It is a bit frustarating trying to contact him but I knew coming into it that it wasn’t going to be easy,” stated Harrington. “All of the support I’ve been given by fellow Canucks fans has been truly special and my family thanks them. My wife and I have been through a lot of pain trying to contact Goldobin these past few days. Pain we’ve never experienced in our life. If it weren’t for the support of Canucks fans, I don’t think could go on any further and we’d end up just settling for someone on the Aces.”

When reached for a comment on the situation, Harrington’s wife Kelsey stated, “he’s an idiot. Just let him be. He’ll tire himself out in a few days. If I were Goldybin, I’d ignore my husband too.”