Nike Takes Away Saint Joseph’s Uniforms After Close Loss To Oregon – Sportsverse

Following their close loss to the 1st seed Oregon Sunday, the Saint Joseph’s Hawks basketball program suffered another loss Monday night.

Nike, the uniform provider for the Saint Joseph’s mens basketball team, took away their uniforms following a request by disgruntled Nike CEO Phil Knight.

Phil Knight, an alumni of the University of Oregon who started Nike while a member of their track team, was upset at the 8th seeded Hawks for nearly beating his beloved Ducks and decided it was too close of a call.

“They’re the 8th seed. They should know their place. Oregon is the number one seed for the first time in our school’s history. You either support this magical run or suffer the consequences,” said a disheveled¬†Knight in a Tuesday morning presser. “Part of the agreement when signing a uniform contract with us is that you respect Oregon and Stanford. If you don’t and you beat them, or give them an unnecessary scare, we have the right to kill the contract and immediately take back your uniforms.”

Joe Lunardi, a Saint Joseph’s alumni and creator of bracketology, feared this might have happen which is why he purposefully kept the two teams in different parts of the bracket throughout the year. “My guys are good. I knew they wouldn’t follow Nike’s orders. They got what was coming to them.”

The team that stands to benefit most from Saint Joseph’s nullified uniform deal with Nike is Holy Cross.

The Crusaders, who had a magical run in the Patriot League tournament to get into the NCAA Tournament, rolled over like good boys when they played against the Ducks in the first round. Holy Cross is more than happy to leap at the chance to have their uniforms manufactured by Nike over their current provider, Adidas, because other than Run DMC who thinks Adidas is cool in the year 2016.

Nike and Phil Knight have yet to comment about the possibility of taking away the uniforms from 4th seeded Duke if they upset the Oregon Ducks this Thursday.