Packers (Green Bay) vs Seahawks (Seattle)

According to Webster Dictionary, a packer is a person or company that prepares and packages products and sends them to people or stores. Also according to Webster Dictionary, umm…a seahawk does not exist.

So, since a seahawk isn’t an actual bird, hence why a red line appears under the word every time I type it, I guess I just have to go off the team’s logo.

A packer is a pretty boring mascot. Essentially it boils down to a human who works as a cashier at a grocery store. Last time I checked, I’ve never been intimidated in a grocery store expect for that one time when I was simply curious about what the packaging of condoms looked like.

Luckily for Seattle, I was going to make them lose on account of the fact that their logo is simply a bird head detached from its body but I just found out they had a full bird as their alternate logo from 2002-2011.

Actually, you know what, that logo was used in their last set of logos will ceased being used in 2011 so I’m not going to give it to them. So in fact it is a packer versus the head of a bird detached from its body. Green Bay wins.

Winner: Packers (Green Bay)